Saturday, April 24, 2010

let's think!

A very good morning to all my special friends. I'm so happy today and grateful to Allah cause i'm still alive and can see the blue sky, listen to the bird chirping in the peaceful morning. Indeed, morning life give me something that i can call 'calmness'.the weather also is quite cool.As a muslim it is very nice if we can fill our beautiful morning with "zikr"(remembering Allah) so we can always realized that we need Allah to protect us from every bad thing.Every muslim knows the step to become closer with Allah.We can read quran everyday and after performing prayer and also do every tasks or job to get "mardhotillah" and not to get people praise. It is also very important to have some feeling that Allah guiding us at every seconds although we cannot see Allah.If we ask other people, no one cannot say that they can see Allah.But the only thing that differ is how deep we believe it.It is just a test to us wether we believe Allah or not.There is a lot of prove in quran such as the development of foetus in the womb, the development of earth ,sky and the story about previous people that only can be proved nowadays.Subhanallah..

All right i think that's all for today.just think about it.i'm telling the truth..We are unique human with unique sense and brain..All d best..ilalliqo'..

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