Friday, October 1, 2010

Small motivation...


Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat ilahi kerana dengan limpah kurnia serta rahmatnya dapat juga saya mengisi masa saya dengan memposting secara neutral..sebab selama ini memang betul2 sibuk..(biasala pelajar..)

Syukur sangat hari ni sebab betul2 rasa relaks..emm sebab apa yep..sebab..dah abis exam..paper last ialah biochem..yela walau pada masa yang sama dapat result yang lepas..fuh..anyway..Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal..itu usaha kita..terima seadanya..huhu..(its not my intention to make me feel sad)..

Okay the things now is  just enjoy my writing..I'm just gonna want to share my "wonderful day" with you.Actually today i suddenly realised that i have a lot of assingments which are waiting for me...Biochem..oral biology..arabic with the love poem..oh..I can't imagine it..but  maybe as far as i know this is the 1st time i've got such  wonderful and creatif tasks..not included EUREKA project yet..hoho

Orrait.. it is quiet hard for me to tell all of the tasks to you .no need i think..hehe.but the things that we must bear in our mind is no matter how much tasks or jobs that you have to complete.. or no matter how hard it is..don't ever forget to ask for Allah's help cause He is the only one who always see you and take care about you..not even your boyfriend or someone who you loves very much..Allah can give you the most pure love..that's why we call Allah as AR RAHIM..believe in yourself that He can help you anytime.anywhere..

So the key is believe..I also believe you can do will never feel tension or angry or sad or any negative emotions especially for the students..common! a strong student okay!..(special for the most love one-myself)

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