Monday, December 27, 2010

let's ask ourself..!


let's say lailahaillalah...lailahaillallah..
there's no god except Allah...lailahaillalah..
let's look at the moon shining in the night..
it help u see your way to your home..
cause that night is very dark..
let's turn our face to the beautiful rainbow..after the rain..
you can see many awesome colours in the high sky..
it suddenly appear without u requesting it..
but it appear for just a short time..
now let's say subhanallah..subhanallah..
glory be to Allah..

now i am hungry.. 
aargh..very hungry..
let's make some order..
urm yummy..look at our food!!
there's fish..there's salad..
there's chicken..and...there's rice also..
all of this come from where??..
please say something my friend..they come from where??..
yeah! come from market..
and before market it come from garden...n sea..
and..before that??
ooh of course someone had plant it.. it grow..they made it grow..they made the salad grow??

of course no!..they just watering it..
so??..who have make it grow very well?...
let's say..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..
thanks to Allah cause allah had made u feel full after eating..

everywhere u go..everywhere u are..we always depend on Allah..
cause we are His creation..

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