Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this is life!

Bersyukurlah apa adanya..bersyukur..bersyukur..be grateful enough to allah..

alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..if you face something hard in your life..don't ever forget that allah is always besides you..always ready to help you..but the only thing is you must always believe in Him and prays hard for His help.

you know..i always hear many people say that allah's love can make you calm..oh what a very perfectful life..i also want to have that kind of feeling..very keen to feel it..but sometimes i feel that i'am to far from Allah..ooh it shouldn't be like that actually..i'm His servant and i should be very very close to Him..

but the way to keep close to Him needs some sort of thing that we call "mujahadah"..em have you ever heard that before? comes from the word "jihad"..looking at the word could give some meaning of that it's not an easy thing like eating nuts..yes i'm serious..it's not an easy thing friends..very..very  difficult..cause you know jannah is not free.it's served  for the best servants...

oh this is life..life is an examination hall..and we inside  it struggling the best to get the best result..and after the examintaion finish we'll leave the hall..and after that you will get the result..yes it is...

but life will become meaningful to those face it in the right way..quran and sunnah have the answer..

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